Gartech Technology Ltd.

Company Profile

GARTECH, founded in 2005, increases the sale revenue with its breakthrough and innovation ability, and earn profits stably with its practical business running philosophy.

Being the leader of security-surveillance consumer product is the vision of GARTECH. Security surveillance products are designed to secure personal property and security against any loss or damage. It is the best product to deter crime and assist police for evidence collection. GARTECH has been released many best price/ performance security products with easy operation for many years.

We have been optimizing the quality management system, such as quality inspection, total quality control, total quality assurance and Total Quality Management. This altogether enables us to deliver the high quality products to the market. What more, with dedication to perform better after-sales service system and supplier chain management enables us to bring more added values to our partners and fortify the relationship.

Competitive advantages as below:

  • Well-experienced and we can provide quick solution to diversified demands.
  • The most efficient manufacturing capability.
  • Outstanding supply chain management and satellite factory system.
  • Complete products to meet the demands in CCTV market.
  • Providing diversified and To provide the most competitive products is the best accomplishment GARTECH achieved these years. GARTECH will continue to combine the distribution experience of semiconductor component and the leading supplier advantages of security surveillance. We insist its technology developing and keep promoting its digitalization, integration, and networking products. We will provide worldwide customers the best price, best function, and best service